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Are you the lucky owner of a curious cat?
Would you like to Test & Keep one of our Catit products for free?

Every once in a while, a few lucky Catit ambassadors and their furry felines get to try out one of our products.
All we ask in return from the testers is that they send us a review of the product a few weeks after they received it.
Grab your chance to test one of our products now!

Circuit Ball Toy – Scratch Pad
Circuit Ball Toy-Wellness
Circuit Ball Toy-Cat Grass

Win one of our brand-new Catit Play Circuit Ball Toys!

Have you seen our latest product yet? The newest addition to our Catit Play family, the Circuit Ball Toy, comes in 3 different types and colors. The red version has a scratching board in the middle while the blue version sports a massager and the green version holds a grass planter. Do you think your cat would love to test one of these brand-new products?

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These are the names of the lucky winners of last month’s Test & Keep contest.
All winners will receive an email, so keep an eye on your inbox if you think that you might be one of them!


Maimoona S. Juanita M.  Linda F.  Juliana B.  Victoria P.
Nicole W.  • Ina S.  Silvana Z. Lea S.  Kim Denise S.
Ana Maria d. F. L.   Esther F. Sophie D. • Melaine P.  Kassi E.
Kay W.  Jessica C. • Avril G. • Leonora R. • Asha S.
Lucy M. • Sarah H. • Natalie J. • Sophie R. • Sonia M. • Lisa A.
Linda M. O. • Teresa G. • Jennifer H. • Norma E. B. • Brett F. •
Emily B. • Kayla P. • Laurel P.-B. • Berlin