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Hi everyone,

I am JOMA, a 30-year-old artist working and living in Frankfurt am Main.

I am happy to show you my painting titled “Cat & dead rat”. It is one of many surreal animal paintings that express sadness in a charming way.

The focus is placed on fantastically oppressive protagonists in unstable surroundings.

The cracks in the colors are a constant theme and reflect the transience of existence. The bright colors stand in contrast to the protagonists, who look totally out of place.

Johannes Bunk cat artist

In 2014, I started with the series “Picture Pets”. This series has been exhibited in many different places in the Frankfurt area. After this series, compositions in the same style followed. So far, no series has been completed, but there are always new characters and visual languages to be discovered.

Many art pieces from Johannes-Bunk

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Kindest regards,