Catit cat collars – Getting started

Catit cat collars – Getting started

If you allow your cat outside, it’s always wise to put a collar on them and get them microchipped for identification purposes. Even when your cat is an indoor-only cat, this could be wise as your cat might escape some day.

Collar training

It’s important to let your cat get used to their collar before putting it on, so that they won’t immediately try to take it off and potentially harm themselves. Allow your cat to get their smell on the collar first, by rubbing against it or placing it in the cat’s bed. Next, when the cat is relaxed and calm, try putting on the collar and leaving the buckle open. Afterwards, close the buckle and leave it on for a few minutes, then take it off again. At a later time, you can put it on again and keep it for a few minutes longer. Repeat this exercise to help your cat get used to wearing it, but don’t push it as negative associations will make your cat wary of the collar. However, most cats get used to collars pretty easily, so you might not have to go through this entire process.

How to adjust the Catit Breakaway

The length of the Catit Breakaway can be adjusted to get the perfect fit for your cat. In general, you should leave enough room so that two fingers can slip in between your cat’s neck and collar: this ensures that the collar isn’t too tight but also not too loose. A collar that is too tight could restrict breathing, while a collar that is too loose could cause your cat to get stuck on something, like a branch. Some cats even try to stick their paw between the collar and their neck in an effort to remove the collar.

The fit of the collar should be checked regularly to ensure that the sizing has not changed due to wear. Keep in mind that a kitten can grow very quickly, so their collar should be checked at least every week until they are full grown.