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  • Johannes Bunk cat artist Joma

    Hi everyone, I am JOMA, a 30-year-old artist working and living in Frankfurt am Main. I am happy to show you my painting titled “Cat & dead rat”. It is one of many surreal animal paintings that express sadness in a charming way. The focus is placed on fantastically oppressive protagonists in unstable surroundings. The […]

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  • cat of Sandra Ilgaz Sandra Ilgaz

    Hi, I’m Sandra. I live in the beautiful “Weltstadt mit Herz” München. My hobby is animal photography, which I started because of my dog. Unfortunately, she has passed away. At the moment, the main subjects of my photographs are my own cats, Mia (a Maine coon mix) and Yoshi (a ragdoll), and my guinea pigs. […]

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  • Beautiful paintings of mammals by Maria Perinan María Periñán

    Hello! My name is María Periñán. I’m a young illustrator, lover of design and nature. In each illustration I make, like in my artwork PERSIAN, I try to illustrate the exterior of every cat, dog … etc but also its interior, that is, its character, intentions or feelings. Because not only the human being has […]

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  • Beautiful black cat painting by Corinne Maggiore Artist of the week – Corinne Maggiore

    My name is Corinne Maggiore. Entirely self-taught, I’ve been drawing since I was very young. In October 2016, I had the desire and the need to be self-employed and to try to make a living out of my passion. Thus, I create commissioned portraits out of dry pastels from photographs of horses and animals. […]

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  • Cute cat picture by Agustina Pasqualis Artist of the week – Agustina Pasqualis

    My name is Agustina. I am a teacher and an amateur photographer. I live in Argentina, with my husband, my dogs, and my cats. Some years ago, I became interested in the world of photography. […]

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  • Stunning digital cat drawing by Cat Artist Chris Sanchez Artist of the week – Chris Sanchez

    My name is Chris Sanchez and I’m a pet portrait artist from Arizona. I currently have eleven cats and one bird, and they are often my inspirations for art. I am completely self-taught and have been practicing my art since a very young age. I started out with drawing stick figures on paper and now draw […]

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  • Painting of a cat on red background looking curiously by Mg Stout Artist of the week – MG Stout

    Hi, I’m MG Stout – Mary Gallagher Stout in full. I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Philosophy from Rosemont College in 1996. In the summer of 2007, I was a graduate resident at Virginia Commonwealth University. I create custom pet portraits for Uncommon Goods Catalog and […]

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  • Artist of the week – Cara Blommaert

    Hi everyone! I’m Cara Blommaert. I’m a 24-year-old teacher trainee (English and Arts) from Belgium. I would love to start teaching Arts in the near future. In my works you can see that I’m still experimenting with different styles. Since I’m still studying to become an Arts teacher I’m discovering different fabrics and materials on a […]

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  • Artist of the week – Becky McEwen

    My name is Becky McEwen  and I am a 23-year-old freelance artist from New Zealand. I am an animal lover, always have been. When I was a young girl my Uncle Stu and Aunty Sandra would always buy me an animal encyclopedia or some kind of educational animal book for my birthday and I would [...] Continue Reading