• Keeping your pandemic pet, as things get back to normal-ish

    Pets helped us cope with the pandemic by easing stress, fighting depression and loneliness, giving us reasons to exercise and play, and just being great companions. Now that stay-at-home orders are lifting, America’s pet care community wants to help your transition your pandemic pet to a lifelong part of your family. Are you going back [...] Continue Reading
  • Mother cat with kitten in the grass Introducing your kitten to your other pets

    Introducing your kitten to your other pets Young animals generally react quite positive towards other animals, though you should always keep your kitten’s character in mind when introducing them to other animals. If you want to introduce your kitten to another cat, you should spread this introduction over a few days or weeks, and follow […]

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  • Adopting a kitten

    Adopting a kitten Here are some things you need to pay attention to when adopting a kitten. Adoption fee Depending on what kind of kitten you’re getting, it can cost you anywhere from zero to as much as thousands of dollars. Non-pedigree cats usually don’t come with a price, unless you’re adopting them from a […]

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  • The kitten room - blog The kitten room

    The kitten room A separate “kitten room” in the home should be designated for the arrival of the new kitten. Although this is essential if the caretaker has other pets such as dogs and cats in the household, it is also recommended for those who do not. It helps with adjusting Moving to a new […]

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  • Slow Feeders Range Why does my cat need a slow feeder?

    Why does my cat need a slow feeder? Cats are natural-born hunters. In nature, they need to hunt down their prey in order to get hold of a delicious meal. Housecats, however, often have their food served to them on a silver platter. Do you want to change this habit? Special feeding bowls called “slow [...] Continue Reading
  • Help, my cat is shedding!

    Help, my cat is shedding! Brace yourself: shedding season is coming! Soon, your home will be covered in cat hair as your cat exchanges its thick winter fur for a new, lighter coat. Keep on reading to find out why cats shed and what you can do to avoid having cat hair all over your […]

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  • Why do cats sleep so much Why do cats sleep so much?

    Why do cats sleep so much? Cats are curious creatures. They sleep for an average of 15 hours a day. Older cats can even sleep for up to 20 hours a day! This makes you wonder: why do cats sleep so much? Active in the dark Cats are crepuscular animals. This means that they are [...] Continue Reading
  • Black cats are considered bad luck Black cats – why are they considered bad luck?

    Unfortunately many people around the globe believe that black cats bring bad luck. Keep reading to discover where these superstitions originated.

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  • Blog featured image_september-2018 Back to school: take a crash course in cat language

    Cats are incredibly talkative creatures. Did you know that they can produce over 100 different vocal sounds? Many of those sounds are types of meowing, but cats can make various other sounds too. Are you having a hard time deciphering what your cat is trying to tell you? Read on to find out! Meow Cats […]

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